Ps3 Yellow Light Fix Oven

(No funcionó para mí) follow the instructions, 8 hours before baking and everything! Insulation (was very cautious, plastic melted and none showed recoveries then so I think that it is not serious) was very generous with the flow, secured, it was perfectly and put it in the oven on a tablet of optimism. Everything looked good, but then it disappeared before shot (I assume of 445 455F) I heard 460F oven as a thermometer cracks and things on a map of ping. The heat is immediately put to death and threw open the door. For cool, he went to check the damage. The Commission seemed rather distorted and I have 3 small surface mount resistors and an IC's 8-pin on the plateau, which has had ping off the Board, as I suspected: / I wonder if success is heavily dependent on this special furnace and heats the speed etc.? I think that my oven heating relatively quickly now consider temperature profile, there is a supported fan support. As he had nothing to lose, I thought that it could be together and see if it works at all. Before I did it, I actually found the location on the map, which came from 8-pin IC. Very skillfully with a soldering iron, once more the chip of the ps3 yellow light fix oven card of a magnifying glass and a touch of fine welding and iron guiding as well as the identical chip beside it. Of course, I had to do to not find no hope in hell, where the resistance of the dates, but I was expecting the chip again, it would be enough to start the car. There isn't much opportunity: (connected, and yet the James as before. Well, I think it was worth it to try, I've lost nothing, because it did not work in all cases before: P I really wanted was my save games when I bought an already super replacement PS3 slim, are so cheap! things from him: Beware of hot air generators, heat too fast? Or perhaps is a low temperature to try first if it works and if not, 460F again? I wonder if my cheapo oven thermometer was not very accurate. And then he explains that the jury has forgiven. Well,. .